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Police Department Survey

Purpose of the Survey

The Virginia Gardens Police Department has implemented a system to poll the opinions of individuals who have had a police contact with our agency. This survey questionnaire is available to all citizens and those who called for police assistance, persons arrested and those who have received traffic tickets.

Chief James Chohonis, as well as the staff, feel that in order to more accurately determine citizen reaction to the Police Department, we need to provide an easy way for citizens to voice their opinion. We are very aware of the "risk" involved when asking individuals who have been arrested what they thought of the way they were treated and the demeanor of the officer. We felt , however, that the advantages of knowing the answer to our questions out-weighed the "risk" and we proceed with that concept.

Dear Citizen:

As city employees, we continuosly strive to improve our services. If you have recently had contact with our police officer(s), we would like your impression of this contact.

It is our goal to provide our community with the best service possible. Please assist us by sharing your thoughts with us. Thank you.


James Chohonis.
Chief of Police

1. Under what circumstances have you had contact with the Virginia Gardens Police Department in the past 3 years? (Check all that apply.)

Victim of a crime Witness to a crime
Traffic Stop Bike Patrol
D.A.R.E. program Citizens Police Academy
Foot Patrol Code Enforcement
Traffic Accident No Contact
Telephone contact with dispatch center Other (please specify)

2. Please rate the attributes of police officers and civilian employees with whom you have had contact by selecting from pull down choices.

a. Level of competence

b. Helpfulness
c. Interest in situation
d. Courtesy
e. Overall attitude
f. Neatness of appearance `

3. If the Virginia Gardens Police assisted you in the last three years, please rate your satisfaction
a. Satisfaction with service provided
b. Satisfaction with officer responding
c. Satisfaction with dispatcher on the telephone

4. If you were not satisfied with the way the police officer responded, please indicate the reason.

5. How do you feel about the safety and security of the Village of Virginia Gardens. Select from the pull down choices.

6. Do you feel your neighborhood is more safe, about as safe, or less than other neighborhoods in Miami-Dade?

7. How often do you see Virginia Gardens Police officers in your neighborhood?

8. For each question below, select which best reflect your neighborhood concerns.
a. Drugs are easy to obtain
b. Children are involved with drugs
c. Homes are broken into when no one is at home
d. Businesses are burglarized

e. People are threatened or assaulted

f. Vehicles are broken into or vandalized

9. The following is a list of programs offered by the Village of Virginia Gardens Police Department. Please check any of the police community programs listed below with which you are familiar.
Bicycle patrol D.A.R.E program
Citizens police academy Free home security surveys
Citizens ride along program Crime Prevention Card/Watch Card
Speed indicator Child identification program

10. Your suggestions are always appreciated. Please comment on anything that you feel will help the Village of Virginia Gardens Police Department serve you better.

This form can be submitted anonymously, however, if you would like to be contacted by a department representative, please submit the following information:


Thank you for your participation in this survey. We sincerely appreciate your assistance.

James Chohonis
Chief of Police